Thursday, December 08, 2016

Calas Galadhon: A Christmas Poem...A Beautiful Winter Wonderland Christmas.

A CHRISTMAS POEM' .  Holiday Magic happens here :)  Open from Dec 1 to Jan 1, 2016

Every year at this time I look forward to The wonderful, Calas Galadhon Christmas sims. Let the pictures tell the story but of coarse you must experience it for yourself.
Once again Ty and Truck have outdone themselves.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Welcome Winter 2

I love the changing of the season and love winter. Cozy, clear air, no heat and humidity lol.
Last post I covered winters past. This post is winter in Second Life present photographed naturally with no photo shop or effects and just the natural wind light of the sim.
I like to photograph Second Life as it actually appears without retouches so the actual memory is true to form.
These pics were filmed in the 2 most beautiful seasonal sims: Second Norway, Calas Galadhon and my Linden Home in Snowdonia.

My boat in Second Norway...

In beautiful Second Norway.

Below: The sight of one of my previous homes in Second Norway (Bron Yr Aur/Valhalla)...

Below: Another view of one of my previous homes in Second Norway. It was an airport runway for a while and thankfully switched owners and is again a nice plot....

The next photo's were filmed in Calas Galadhon....

Below: Of coarse I had to take pics of my current Linden home in Snowdonia. No snow but a cozy Christmas awaits....