Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Last Of The Hazy, Lazy, Crazy Daze Of Summer 2017 in Second Life...

Although the heat is still on the days of cool autumn and even winter are not far away. The last few days of summer in Second Life 2017.
This summer was eventful with the arrival of the lackluster Sansar and the many metamorphoses of my avatar known as Ziggy Starsmith. Spending some time in Sansar always left me with a tremendous appreciation and respect for Second Life despite all it's issues. I always log off Sansar and return to the relaxing comfort of Second Life.
Today I spent some precious time with a few close friends. Larz Kas and Flame Rexie.
Below: (L to R) Larz Kas and Ziggy Starsmith.

Below (L to R): Ziggy Starsmith and Flame Rexie relaxing in our gazebo.
Note the beverages of a social nature? ;-)

After a quick lunch, Larz and I went shopping.
Shopping is not something I do alot of but today it was enjoyable.

After switching back to my Mesh Project avatar I find it a little easier to get dressed with a better variety of clothing that fits easily. I found the Jomo avatar was hard to find clothes for.

After Larz departed to unpack and try on his new purchased items I made more time for a smoke and a drink of a very sociable nature with Flame Rexie while we watched the sun go down and wondered what our neighbor, Kyle Lambert was up to 55 m away in his boat shed for hours on end! ;-)

Needless to say we got nicely smashed and were absolutely legless by evenings end....