Monday, January 02, 2017

Sunday, January 01, 2017

All Is Quiet On New Years Day...

Happy New Years Day
This year I got up early on New Years Day and went to Calas Galadhon to enjoy the sounds of nature, laughing, playing children and far away chatter from a group of skaters out on the frozen pond.
Then a wonderful ride on my horse before a short, frigid, kayak trip home.
Hope 2017 is a great year for everybody.
2017 will also mark the end of this blog for good this time as I fly away off into the sunset.
2007 - 2016 my blogging has run it's coarse and documents the golden years of Second Life as it was....time to spread my wings.
Special thanks to: Dazza12 Slade, Vanyel Gazov, Ryuu Hoisan, Kyle Beckett, Larz Kas, Holter, Guyke Lundquist, Bock McMillan, Eddie Haskell, Naked Carl,  Dalton Cole, Drey Messmer and Jesse.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Beautiful People At South Beach Cove

Starting my New Years partying early this year I been partying at the brand, new South Beach Cove which is part of the Spurts Beach sims.
Last week danced to the very cute and high energy DJ Zαcнαяу яуαη Lуσηѕ and tonight with equally happeneing DJ Dαηιєℓ Lуσηѕ-Fσχ, with host TERI on both nights.
I like South Beach Cove because it is always hopping and packed with very sexy avatars, good music and not just another naked/jockstrap/leather dress code. Many people dress up nicely here.
The following pics captured the night in full style.

The newest, cool club:

(Below) The Sexy DJ Dαηιєℓ Lуσηѕ-Fσχ

(below) Aeschylus Shepherd and Larz Kas

(Below) The Very Handsome and Talented DJ Zαcнαяу яуαη Lуσηѕ

Impossible to dance here and not get a boner. LoL