Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Party Time? Zig and Larz Housewarming

I am thinking of holding or trying to hold a nice wild housewarming party at my new beach house this Sunday. I'm thinking DJ, drugs, sex.... and ?
Stay tuned for more info and details!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cannon Atlass's Rezz Day Party-Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Friday night we were invited to Cannon Atlas's 2nd Rezz Day Party. I couldn't make it to the first half held at his and Thorne's, Atonement Club because I had to accompany Larz at another hosting job but we made it to the second part at the house party!
The second I got there I knew it would be a blast. So many buddies in attendance like Zim Gunsberg, Zann Baxton, Regi Yifu, TigerC2X Robonaught etc etc so it was a cool, comfortable scene however someone kept orbiting people and I found myself plunging into the air and into the ocean!
Halfway through the night most folk got neked and some of the cocks in attendance were fucking breathtaking! (Sorry no permission to post THOSE pics-lol).Those new X4 cocks sure are turning up everywhere and setting off my proximity gesture constantly and I don't say that this was a bad thing!
DJ Zann Baxton played all songs hand picked by Cannon and it fucking rocked but unfortunately there were no performances by Cannon. Almost all the songs were from his repertoire but the song that made me bust a nut was Dee-Lite's "Groove Is In The Heart" from the early 90's! DJ Zann rocked though and I remember I first got my ass kicked by his DJing at the last Honcho party a while back (also mentioned in this blog somewhere -cough).
Party ended somewhat prematurely at 9pm Second Life time and I wanted to party at least for another hour so my boyfriend Larz and I went man hunting at Paradise Gay Beach and Hubs and brought home this massive, blond stud whose name shall be anonymous, and we spent the hour fucking in a threesome, snorting virtual cocaine off each others bare asses and eventually we fell asleep in a pile of tits, X4's, asses and orifices that looked breathtaking with my settings set to midnight with just a candle flickering at both ends hehe...
What a great night despite the orbiting!
Party 10 out of 10 Zig points with a double diva snap and a bitch smirk!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hit The Beach Bitches!

Well I finally decided to buy some land again and move. My best SL friend and RL partner Larz Kas and I had been looking at plots of land at Gayworld and after talking with my buddy Cannon Atlass who already lives there we decided to buy a spot and live there together as room mates.
I used to own land and it was called Bron Yr Aur (named after a Led Zeppelin song) and it was more deep forest and a working medieval farm with horses, cows, sheep and chickens etc so this time we felt a change and move to a bright sunny beach with a more modern look and an open faced beach house.We named it Isla Bonita after the Madonna song because the lyrics were so fitting!
I spent yesterday, 12 hours straight with Larz, rezzing, terraforming and landscaping until our paradise was completed. We even managed to build a skybox with a well equipped dungeon and play/sex room. hehe
During our decorating which all fags love, we met and talked with a few of our very sexy neighbors. We never lived in a gaybourhood before and realized what we were missing with living amongst "our own kind".
Cannon lives in front of us so we have built in entertainment (hehe ;-)
I will take some pictures and post them when I get some time from RL bullshit....
Hmmmm maybe we need to have a big house warming debauchery party.........

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cannon Makes A Spectacle of himself....

Spent this morning hanging with Cannon Atlass and was rewarded with some classic performances which he is expert at! Costume changes and tunes too many to count and thought I needed to share them with you too!
I moved next door to Cannon yesterday so I expect I will be rewarded with his showmanship. The man is really really creative and never lets me down for a great time!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Famous and Ferocious: An Interview with DJ Dextrum Boucher

1)Hiya Dex, thank you for the interview. The first time I ever heard you play was at Aussieboys back in November 2007 and you blew me away.
You were loud, energized, flamboyant in a good way and never let up with the great, cutting edge tunes. What was your very first DJ gig that you played and were you nervous (hehe)?

It is interesting that you ask. I have been DJing here for a long time time now. When I started it was before the "megaclubs." Most of the time it was smaller venues, and we were all just having a good time. The first time I did any form of a set was at Manifesto and it was purely for fun. My first major sets were at a club called Probe.

2)If I am correct I think you have played at every damn club in Second Life but is there one place that you have never played at that would be your dream gig?

I think every is an overstatement (laughs), I have been to alot of clubs. I tend to try to spread myself around to different crowds and share my music with different types of people. I think I like to see how different crowds react. My dream gig at this point after playing most of the major gay clubs would be something new maybe, a new type of crowd to work.

3)I understand that you sometimes mix your own versions of tunes in your set lists. What do you like to add to a song to mark it with your own stamp?

I tend to like a good solid bass line and emphasis on the vocals.

4) Have you ever DJ'd in your real life and if so what was it like?

I have been a DJ for many years in real life. To be honest it is very different in SL. In real life you simply have to show up and mix a good set. It is all very much about technical skill. In SL you have to have technical ability as well as star power and personality and maybe a bit of soul to set you apart from the rest. It is all about putting on a bigger and better show that the next person.

5)You also own and create the fantastic PILLOW BITERS beds and accessories. I myself have never seen better beds in Second Life and I use no others whenever I have the choice!
What made you decide to create the products and how come you are so fucking good at it ;-)

I wanted to make a line of bed I would want to fuck on myself, gay beds with quality animations and good style were lacking from the market.

6)Are you ever going to consider making your beds have options for threesomes, foursomes or more?

I am considering it though the projects keeps getting put off. I am such a procrastinator. Maybe someday...

7)What are your current top 10 favorite songs and your current top ten CD's? What is your very favorite musical genre?

This is a hard question for me. I am so bad at putting together lists. I am a typical gemini and it seems to change every ten minutes. All I can say is keep listening. As for my favorite genre, it varies by mood. I love all sorts from classical and jazz to electronic to metal. You cant get by in this business and not love music. When it comes to my favorite to spin, I have to say classic house, a good solid bass line and a fat diva tearing up the vocal.

8)I am a former pro musician and if we were to form a live band what instrument would you like to play? hehe

I used to play in a small band locally. I did lead vocals.

9)From a personal standpoint, we have been good buddies on Second Life for almost 3 years now! Now please be honest and tell me the one thing about me that you hated? lol-no offense will be taken, no matter what!
We both know what I am talking about when I say that you had basically saved my life about a year and a half ago and I will always be in debt to you for that!

I both love and hate your stubbornness.

10)What are your opinions on the new Second Life Viewer 2 and have you tried it yet?

I tried it briefly. I think it has a long way to go. I love the sidebar styling and such. But the communication window is really more confusing that it should be.

11)If Second Life ceased to exist what do you ever foresee yourself doing?

I would simply have to move on to the next online world, though it would be with great sadness.

12)You have been referred to on occasion as "Sexy Dexy" (lol ;-)-What do you think of that?

I often get a laugh out of it. When I first heard it I though it was a bit silly, but now I would probably answer to it when walking down the street in real life.

13)What are your future plans personally as well as a DJ and creator of the Pillow Biters line?

I am not really sure. SL is always evolving so fast I say it is best not to make plans. Those sitting an making plans usually end up being left behind by the time they finish.

14)Please share with us your upcoming DJ schedule and any other info, websites or such. Please never stop playing or I will force you to have sex with a brontosaurus...

Monday and Wednesday 8PM-10PM @ BLU
Teusday 9PM-11PM @ Impulse
Friday 7PM-9PM @ Asylum

Thank you very much Dex, for your time! You can always count on me to support you in your future projects when I can.
Take care buddy!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ziggy's Sordid Past...

Most of my close friends already know but I decided to make it official...
The above pictard is my old avatar/Second Life character when I was known as Rhett Whybrow!

I was originally born on Second Life on November 25th, 2007 as a character named REX SHORT and although I DO have pics of him, I refuse to post them because he was just too fucking noob ugly....Rex was partnered with Dazza12 Slade at one point!

In June 2008 I killed REX and deleted his account and became RHETT WHYBROW!

I always hated the name Rhett Whybrow because I was always called Wet Eyebrow and I only chose that name in a hurray one night when indulging in too much ganja!
I also had an alt at the time named MANNY STEAMPUNK but he is banned now from Second Life for very bad behavior!
Rhett was a whore for husbands and was partnered with Vanyel Gazov, Larz Kas and Ryuu Hoisan at various times.
In the beginning Rhett was actually a forest elf with pointed ears.
Anyways after some land issues with the Lindens (see earlier blog posts) I killed Rhett and became ZIGGY STARSMITH, the name I had always originally wanted but it was not available before....
Anyways no more alts or changes because I am very very happy being ZIGGY (all my avs rolled into one)...if I had to pin it down I would say that Ziggy is more my old Rex Short persona!
Do you want me to post a real life pic?????
If you see me inworld say "Hey" but don't ask me for Teh Money or I will be forced to fart in your general direction and take away your shrubbery....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cannon Atlass-Fabulous Individual !!!!!!!

On Early Wednesday morning I was bored out of my skull and decided to stroll down Paradise Gay Beach to take in the sights and maybe have some fun. I felt completely bored of Second Life lately and was feeling like a Second Life depression coming on.
I talked to a few friends, Ryce Skytower and Bili Ragu and after saying goodbye and ready to log off I spotted this very hot looking guy named Cannon Atlass who was riding this space aged rocket/motorcycle down the beach and looked like a complete lunatic but he looked like he was having fun. I followed him.
As I approached we stopped and looked at each other and I saw just how sexy he really was. Without a word or a hello he began playing music and dancing. Being a freak myself I joined in and began dancing with him. Over the coarse of an hour or so he changed into different costumes and did little "acts" that were hilarious, fun, brilliant and ripped me from the funk I was in...At one point he did a dance to Madonna "Erotica" with a whip, mask and all followed by a Lady Gaga get up while spinning on top of a huge box with Lady gaga pictures on it! A Spanish song where he was dressed as a bullfighter and more! The most fun was a Pink song that had me gesturing and hooting while onlookers on the beach stared at us like we were freaks! Fuck them!
A friend of his came along and invited me to go with them to Cannon's new house to see it.
It was just as beautiful as he was, with color, fun and eccentricities that I love!
He had a huge cannon there where you got into it and it shot you in the air and landed a few meters away like a circus!
We spent some time together and had the one of the best times in my Second Life that I have ever had. Cannon showed me that there are new fun things in Second Life besides endless clubs, parties and orgies!
Cannon Atlass-you are a star and a fabulous person and I give you 11 out of 10 Zig points for being brilliant, funny and tremendous! I hope we cross paths again one day!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

tHe DaRk SiDe

They say that everybody has a dark side to their personality!
Some folks are dark in an innocent and naughty sort of way while others can be horrific and evil such as a serial killer! I often thought that it would be fun to be a serial killer on Second Life and in fact I do have a list of juicy victims upon which I could call upon if my desires were ever to manifest hehe....
I must confess that my dark side is not really as evil as that but I do get a big kick out of seeing people get hurt as long as they are not badly injured.
Just the sight of people falling on ice, supermodels tripping and hurtling down stairs or over the edge of the catwalk can leave me in gut wrenching tears and hysterics as I can't help myself and laugh loudly and proudly as their misfortune!
Slap stick comedy and sight gags are always my favorite and hidden camera shows that make fools of unsuspecting people make me roar with pleasure....
Do not get me started when it comes to exposing the stupidity of valley girls or dumb, blond, bimbo's and bimbettes!
What is your dark side? Go ahead and confess...what's the matter? Are you afraid????

Friday, April 02, 2010

Prettiest Cop On The Block

Party tonight at Club Shampoo and the sirens wailed as well as all the hot cops in attendance for the Hottest Cop On The Block party hosted by my sexy buddy LARZ KAS and incredible as usual, DJ QUEEN EDMUND!
I had a great time arresting and strip searching sexy peeps but there were 2 complete assholes in attendance who are not important enough to be named but one directly insulted me in open chat and the other in instant message that attacked me about something I have in my profile! I threw my drink in both their faces and partied on because No one stops my party!
Sometimes one forgets what incredible arseholes often hide behind the anonymity of the internet and Second Life!
Kharissa Indigo was very hot in her orificer uniform and hot little Damiax Thor made me blow my whistle repeatedly!
I also officially began to date LARZ KAS on Second man!
This party was 9 out of 10 Zig points only spoiled by those 2 tapeworms that fucked with me...Party on!