Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Friend Vanyel Gazov Returns!!!!

I had some really good news today when one of my best and oldest Second Life friends returned to Second Life after an 8 month absence!
It was good to see him again after fearing the worst but Vanyel Gazov was back and joined Larz and myself to go dancing at Club Shampoo and Ironworks before going on a much needed shopping trip!
The boy is back in town....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't Be Tardy 4 The Party...DJ NIGHT

I woke up with a hangover from hell but the hair of the dog cured that as I teleported by Linden Lab Airlines to the opening of DJ Night with the great mix of DJ Tomtom Tabacznyk at the Marduk Theatre on the Pride Sim!
I was not sure if it was the lag or if everybody was hungover but I must have said hello to 10 people there when I arrived and found myself feeling royally snubbed!
No one in the mood to say Hi to lil old Ziggy i guess...
No one stops my party so I took a hit of acid and watched them change into dark, horrible colors and disappear while I smiled and partied on!
Next DJ up was the high energy DaddyAdam Gartner who started off with a bang with some fantastic bombast of sound! Hoooooooooooooooo.

Next up was Italian DJ Heloq Tomsen who treated us to some very different but very cool techno sounds with energy high as well as nice on the eyes! Fantastic set!
Wish people would get into the party mode better though because the music was going wild and most of the peeps in attendance were like fucking zombies. I'm sorry for being Mr Bitchy Honest today but really people...liven up it's a freaking party!
These DJ's put on some fabulous shows here and it would be nice to occasionally utter some gestures of encouragement, just makes for more fun don't you think?

Ok no more Mr Negative Nancy here let's partay onwards...

Next up was the beautiful DJ Lilith Mersand who started her set with a cool mix of "I Love Rock and Roll" which had my nipples exploding with delight. Had a great time during her set with the change of pace!

The next few DJ's I'm sorry to say were playing in the background while I cooked and ate dinner in RL but I was listening and my avatar was there in spirit hehe

All in all it was a fun night and always look forward to the next DJ Night!
I know these folks put alot of hard work into these and I always enjoy discovering new DJ's that I have never heard before!
As a whole I give this DJ Night a 9 out of 10 Zig points only because of the bad lag ;-) lol

Saturday, May 22, 2010

pArTy iN tHe TrUcK.....

It's the weekend you bitch sluts from hell...time to burn our candles at both ends with our pants around our ankles and my drug dealer on speed dial!
Larz and I woke up this morning to find our picture on Eddi Haskels blog as Hottest Couple Of The Day and we were so honored we decided to have sex on a rock in our front yard where anybody could watch...well secluded they see all!
After our shower we headed off to the new WEEK END Nightclub at Boystown with very hot N happening DJ mtd1952 Timeless who bombarded us with well desired mash ups with lots of still hot and happening LADY GAGA!
After him was very sexy DJ Rylan Sirnah which was very hawt eyecandy for us partayers!

Had a lot of fun and were quite successful at keeping the white powder residue wiped off our nostrils!!!

Afters we sipped champagne with some caviar and had a fantastic lobster dinner on our beach watching the sun set we relaxed before heading out for the night. I sort of remember smoking a particularly strong joint which was laced with something unscrupulous but I was still able to function coherently non the less....I dreamed that I had my nails done by the Texas Chainsaw Manicurist!
I worked myself into a dither over which clubs and party's to attend because there were so many excellent party's going on tonight and yet it's so hard to spread one self around (no jokes here please) and attend every single friends club or party!
We decided to go dance at AQUA'S SATURDAY BEACH BASH with my old buddy DJ Vortmax Mumfuzz where we rocked our balls off and perv cammed all the shirtless, sweating sexy manatars with all their penis's aimed at my heart!
Host Zorgdorg Xaris kept feeding me drinks until I had no choice but to continue partaying....Pfenix Bearsfoot and Rifle Odigaunt kept making me strain my poor overworked zipper in my pants! Oh triple shame on you sexy hawt boys!!!!
I always always always have a great time at Insy's Aqua party's!

We ended the night off at IRONWORKS with DJ Wesley Spengler followed by buddy DJ Queen Edamn with my sexy husband Larz Kas as host. Ironworks was packed to the rafters and it was nice to see hot, shirtless men writhing and gyrating to the music covered in sweat and meaty, breathtaking thick bulges in their pants. Blue Collar night never fails! I think this is the image that Ironworks should return to...simple, sexy, masculine and hot! Everybody got naked at the end and of coarse I have a few pics hehehehe
After the party, Larz and I found an unlocked tractor trailer in Warehouse Plaza and had ourselves a good long fuck. PARTY IN THE TRUCK.....An ending to a perfect be continued!

P.S. Congrats to my husband Larz Kas on winning the title of MR IRONWORKS 2010