Saturday, July 31, 2010

How Not To Act A Fool During A Massive Lag Storm!

Lag, lag, lag, all you do is fucking lag!
Is it just me or has Second Life been really ultra fucked up lately? Unable to walk or move at times or teleporting being impossible and ending up under a club deep in the waters of Linden Neptune...
I'm using the latest beta test version of the Emerald viewer and for me it seems to rez ultra fast for me as well as less lag but SL is thwarting all it's efforts!
I was recently having sex with a hottie in one of those beach houses off the Paradise Gay Beach island and even though I know lag can be bad there, this day was impossible.
When changing sex positions we both hung twisted in the air above the white, polar bear fur skin rug like torture victims for at least 60 seconds before continuing our ravaging of each other and it began to ruin the moment and piss me off!
Afterwards I was prancing down the beach and was cheered up by the sight of my buddy, Cannon Atlass doing more impromptu performances in front of slack jawed onlookers!
One "bear" dude kept saying in open chat about what a queen he thought Cannon was but he was ignored by the peeps enjoying the show and he quickly took his miserable sour puss away...
So after the lag destroyed the ending of Cannon's show and he went "poof" offline, I began to try to again walk and was stunted in mid strut by the horrific lag again!
Standing still is the only option during a massive lag storm otherwise you risk getting stuck in an uncontrolled silly noob walk which takes away all control and sends you hurtling through crowds of people, through peoples houses and catapults you into another sim were you end up crashing and unable to log back on for the good part of 5 minutes...
After finally relogging I went shopping and was so frustrated by the lag that I logged off and went to bed were I dreamed of hot man sex and a Second Life world were lag was forever banished to the gigaspheres....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clubs, Parties, Sex and Drugs....

It seems lately that I work so much strange shift work hours in real life that I never have a constant schedule! I find myself never having enough time to do what I would like to do in Second Life.
Parties and clubs: I get so many invites and TP offers from friends who all have their own happenings (usually all going on at the same time) and it is getting so damn hard to choose which ones to attend! Trust me buddies, I want to come to all your DJ gigs and all your club parties but I am only one avatar. Please do not take offense if you have a party or a gig and I am online but do not attend! Usually I am already at one party and have made plans to attend another afterward and there is no way to "bar hop" to each one without burning my avatars candles at both ends!
I really try and spread myself around to various different parties but my real life combined with my obligations to my buddy, Larz Kas's hosting gigs make it a very structured daily schedule!
My dream if I had a regular real life and Second Life schedule would be to help host at some of your clubs and my fantasy would be to be a DJ at all your clubs but my time is far too erratic to pull it off!
Eventually I will make to all the different clubs I want to attend so please be patient and again, please don't take offense when I'm online and not there!
Another issue...tipping!!!!
I literally went through 2000 L in one night, tipping every DJ, host and stripper of each of the clubs I visited! Since I do not work on SL my Lindens are valuable and I too have tier to pay and store rent to shell out so again, please don't take it as a personal slap in the face if or when I don't tip you! I tip when I can but lately it has become far too costly! It's not personal, I'm just broke, especially if I spent the day shopping with Larz and wasted a million Lindens on clothes which may never be unpacked or worn only to vanish into my inventory closet, never to be seen again!!!
Sex and Drugs...
I like to make wild references to sex and drugs and being drunk and stoned on Second Life but it is all fantasy and part of my imagination! In real life I have been clean and sober since 1993 but on Second Life I treat being stoned and drunk as "sick" humor! I will not lie when I say that back in the day, yes on occasion I truly have snorted cocaine off the pink, virgin, bare ass of a hot, little fucker or a huge, man beasts tits! I used to walk down the street, day and night with a large coke a cola bottle half filled with rum and half with coke (the pop)!
I have at times woken up in a dew soaked vacant lot covered in cobwebs after an all nighter with buddies and I have found myself in someones bed, naked with no recollection of who the hot, naked fucker is laying next to me with cock in the air and red swollen nipples hehehe...
The sex I do have very often on SL and yes I do not wear condoms on Second Life hehehehe...
Also sweetie, not only is that not my baby but I have never seen you before in my life!!! ;-)

This coming Tuesday, August 3rd there just MIGHT be a massive house party at Larz and my beach house! It MIGHT be for someone special who MIGHT not yet know about it..SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Yes you are invited and if it happens it will be posted here the day of the party with details and land mark etc....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ironworks/Warehouse Plaze no more....

Hot off the presses! The legendary Ironworks club has changed it's name to AGE OF IRON!
During the month of August 2010 Warehouse Plaze/Ironworks will close down and be rebuilt and revamped and reopened under the new Age Of Iron name!
I have been going to Ironworks since November 2007 as a noob and this place holds many many mighty memories for me! I remember the first original Ironworks and when it moved and was rebuilt I followed its progress!
I remember dancing with then-co owner Paulec Decuir before the club was built and hearing about all the new plans for the Warehouse Plaza!
So many memories for all of us I'm sure...let's see what new memories we will have when the new place reopenes but let's never forget the history of the original Ironworks....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Shaking My Ass at Club Wave at Adonis

Got an invite to go dancing today with my buddy/neighbor Trace Netizen and his boyfriend Richie Sommer at Adonis Club Wave with DJ Loki Kahanamoku. It was a small but classy club and I felt comfortable there and had great fun! I will definitely be back!
Club Wave is a gay club that is bi and straight friendly. ~~New Club Wave~~ is a premier gay club with events every night from 3P to 7P SLT. weekly theme nites
I give it 9 out out of 10 Zig points!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Night Party Night at Club oZoNE

Finally got some time off real life work and went dancing with my buddies at CLUB oZoNE through an IRONWORKS party notice. DJ Wesley Spengler started the night off followed by DJ Queen Edman.
As you can see by the pics the floor and ceiling came alive with the music through the media player rather than the regular music stream button. Very different concept!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday? Who says we can't Fucking Party?

Wednesday on Second Life...who says we can't fucking party?
It was so god damn hot I needed to skinny dip this morning and then putting on my speedos in the nick of time, went for a short visit with my friend/neighbor Trace Netizen who was practicing his DJ skills for his sure to be fabulous, house warming party this weekend!
With all this hot, humid weather we have had lately who says we need to tone it down on the heat? I started off my night at the beautiful AQUA LOUNGE with DJ Queen Edman and my sexy friend Host Larz Kas...
Lots of new faces around Second Life lately and some very, hot sexies considering they are noobs! The new skins and hair available lately can make a once pink noob into a seriously sexy hottie almost instantly! Hairy chests with ripe nips and realistic looking cocks abound and can make perv camming a wonderful pass time while gyrating ones own body to the groovy tunes...

Inbetween parties Larz, Kharissa Indigo and I lounged on our beach, eating shrimp and drinking some champagne before heading off to CLUB SHAMPOO' naked foam party!

OMG hot men covered in suds with the occasional peek of their cocks in and out of view by the suds WOW!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hot N Horny at Club Blu with Sexy DJ Zann (Happy Rez Day)

Spent my night partying hard at the fabulous Club Blu last night with ultra sexy, hot, DJ Zann Baxton who was also celebrating his 2nd Rez day! Wooo congrats sexy man!!!
I think Blu is my favorite club right now,always above and beyond in the friendly, welcoming department and allways fun with hot dancers and DJ's!
At shirt 30 time all shirts come off and the sightseeing can be breathtaking!