Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hit The Beach Bitches!

Well I finally decided to buy some land again and move. My best SL friend and RL partner Larz Kas and I had been looking at plots of land at Gayworld and after talking with my buddy Cannon Atlass who already lives there we decided to buy a spot and live there together as room mates.
I used to own land and it was called Bron Yr Aur (named after a Led Zeppelin song) and it was more deep forest and a working medieval farm with horses, cows, sheep and chickens etc so this time we felt a change and move to a bright sunny beach with a more modern look and an open faced beach house.We named it Isla Bonita after the Madonna song because the lyrics were so fitting!
I spent yesterday, 12 hours straight with Larz, rezzing, terraforming and landscaping until our paradise was completed. We even managed to build a skybox with a well equipped dungeon and play/sex room. hehe
During our decorating which all fags love, we met and talked with a few of our very sexy neighbors. We never lived in a gaybourhood before and realized what we were missing with living amongst "our own kind".
Cannon lives in front of us so we have built in entertainment (hehe ;-)
I will take some pictures and post them when I get some time from RL bullshit....
Hmmmm maybe we need to have a big house warming debauchery party.........