Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Party Hard At Engine Steampunk

Went out partying again tonight and decided to toss on my old punk frocks and don my old long Mohawk hair for a change and after a late night last night of snorting coke off hot man ass and licking angeldust off of sexy, beefy man chest (where I spent 20 minutes kissing his ripe nipples), I convinced my little old self that I needed more party tonight...
I found myself at the very groovy ENGINE STEAMPUNK club with DJ Nash Gearhead and host DaddyAdam Gartner and was very surprised at how very cool this club was!. Hot men everywere and the music was absofuckinlutely, fanfuckingtastic! This is the newest, happening club and I love it. It has an edgy feel to it and you all know that makes my cock bounce into action for a full, big, hairy, meaty 10 inch- 10 out of 10 Zig Ziggy points!