Friday, February 25, 2011

Cracking The Whip With Kyle

Went to Aqua tonight with Kyle to the BDSM night with DJ Sasch.
Very sexy fun afterward getting drunk and whipping my sexy man's bare exposed ass as he squirmed and writhed in ecstasy from the tip of my whip....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heaven - Brand New Heavenly Club

I checked out the brand, new Club HEAVEN today with DJ Johnny Alderton, the newest club associated with Tadd's Nightclub. Nice blue dance floor surrounded by golden gates and white clouds which were a little blindingly bright for my hungover eyes but on settings set to midnight it was great!
The crowd tended to lean towards the twinkie side (not saying anything was wrong with that) but they were very nice on the eyes.
All in all a nice club, friendly welcoming attentive staff and I give these babies a 9 out of 10 Zig Points ;-)
Party On shall we......

All Night Long...with Kyle

Had a fantastic weekend on Second Life which was made 500% better with my man Kyle!
Last night we spent a beautiful night together just relaxing and making love in the water, in the sand, on a raft and in each other ;-) Hehehehe
We made love from dusk until dawn until we both passed out together on a floating air mattress with our hands wandering all over the place....thank God the sharks had the decency to leave us alone!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shaft On The Raft

We started the day off at BROTHERS club partying before heading off to AQUA LOUNGE's 4th anniversary party were we snorted and smoked ourselves into heat.....
Had a nice little late night drinky poo on Kyle's new raft tonight along with Larz and ended up spending the night into the wee hours drinking, snogging and covorting....enjoy the pics!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Last AussieBoys...I Will Miss This Sim More Than Anywhere!

I logged in this morning and read the news - Oh Boy!
Aussieboys was closing, yet another major, long time legendary club is closing it's doors although both owners Alexcub12 Hax and Dazza12 Slade will still keep the name alive with parties at 3 bears Resort but the actual sim and club will be gone!
I have posted here before what Aussieboys means to me as I was born there 3 and a half years ago as Rex Short. I was befriended instantly by these very friendly guys and they taught me everything I know. Aussieboys was the first sim I arrived at after leaving Help Island and barely able to walk or fly I was trapped in a corner of a building were Dazza came along and saved me (lol)
Fast forward a few months later and I was looking more like myself and partnered to Dazza12 Slade and one of the co-owners of Aussieboys for a short period of time!
Anyways this morning was the last Aussieboys party at the club and along with Larz Kas, Kharissa Indigo and my sexy, hot man-hunk Kyle Beckett, we partied the last few hours along with DJ Insyx...Goodbye Aussieboys I Loved You and will never forget...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Justin Bieber Makes Me Gag...

Baby Baby baby Ooooooh.....SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!
I am so glad I was born a big fat fag and not a little bubble gum chewing teeny bopper girl throwing my panties soaked in pee pee at Justin Bieber and his recycled Donny Osmond shit.
I hated Donny Osmond "Puppy Love" and I hate Bieber it makes me gag!
Millions of lesbians all over the world are dressing and acting like little Justin Bieber and I can see it now, armies and armies of Justin Biebers lesbians covered in panty necklaces were the young teenage girls soaked themselves and threw their nickers at his head like a giant game of prepubescent ring toss!
I'm sorry but I was never one of those girly fairies that are so stereotypically portrayed on TV and I am proud to shout from the tree tops of the my local, gay, cruising park...."I HATE GLEE-THE SHOW SUUUUCKSSSSS!"
I am a masculine gay man who likes masculine things, masculine men and masculine music lol
In a year from now all this GLEE and Justin Bieber fad will be gone and forgotten and some new pansies will be flitting across our TV screens and whining at us in high pitched puberty voices about love affairs gone wrong that they never really had in the first place!
Baby Baby Baby Ewwwwwwwwww

Phoenix Viewer Release

The latest version of the Phoenix Viewer is now released: Here is the blog post and downloads....

Phoenix Viewer Release!
Sun, 13 Feb 2011
Phoenix Viewer Release is out! There have been a lot of bug fixes and improvements on this version... It is definitely the version you want to be on!

Just a few of the many things we've fixed.
- Improved overall performance and stability!
- No more RLVa Assertion Failure errors!
- 42 group auto detection, no more tinkering with settings, it just works!
- Showcase TP links have been fixed to work properly now for Windows& Mac, Linux in our next release.
- Updated Webkit helping webpages load faster in the web browser, improved memory handling etc.
- The momentary viewer lockups experienced on 373, 725 and 818 should be a thing of the past.
- Texture jumping issues where textures load, then unload, load, then unload.. resolved!
- Updated Viewer tags are in this release. You'll be able to see all the viewers out there more accurately
- Built in IRC client has been fixed! No more ??? ??? names in IRC rooms.
- Huge improvement to 'De-render', which now permanently de-renders items until they are removed from the Asset Blacklist.
- Skin downloader fixes
- Improved installer, no more downloading additional files during the install process.
- So much more!

This is ONE of the last Phoenix viewer releases we'll be putting out, grab it while you can!

If you have any problems updating, please remember to contact our 24/7Support Team for help!

Windows SSE:

Windows SSE2:



The Phoenix Viewer Project, Inc.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

FaaaBuLoUs! ㋡

On my days off finally and in need of some party time so decided to make it fabulous with Kyle at my side. Kyle you are FaaaBuLoUs! ㋡

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Redzone Greenzone: I know All Your Alts

There has been a major controversy on SL lately about devices that landowners can use called REDZONE which does many things such as detect copybots etc but it also lists all an avatars alts causing major screaming and yelling from the mass populace that wants to remain anonymous with their alts.
Now there is a free hud which is available here:
that can hide and shield you from such big boogie men. There is also major controversy as to whether this Greenzone is safe as well. People on the SL and other forums have had the Greenzone tested and it all appears safe and above board. I have yet to try it but I have no alts test it with.
Now I share my internet connection with my real life partner who goes by the name of Larz Kas on SL and these Redzone detectors do not discriminate and it would show Larz and myself as being alts because we are on the same system. Anybody who knows us well and spoke with us at the same time on voice knows we are definately not the same person lol.
Anyways the debate continues. REDZONE good or bad?

Things ya can do to keep your alt private...

* Untick "Play Streaming Media When Available"
* Do not play Media on land you can't guarantee does not have a scanner
* Keep your alt on land that you know does not have a scanner
* Don't log in your alt
* There are several bits of software that hide and whatnot ya IP address - Go talk to a techy person for details

List of all places that use REDZONE

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Beware The Public Carnivores Hiding Behind Every Bush!

This is a post about real life for a change and it may get rough...
What the hell has happened to manners? Seems nobody has them anymore. Walking down the street in any big city and one is constantly bombarded by the "modern zombie". A modern zombie is a person who blindly walks down the street with their face buried in a blackberry, cell phone or some other device. They crash into everybody insight, including each other like chickens with their heads cut off. Women seem to be the worst as they also suffer from a secondary affliction known as the "Diva Disease" where they think men will move out of the way for them regardless simply because they are women! God help you if you are meek and take their shit.
Now in real life I can be somewhat intimidating. I am 5'10" with lots of tattoos and husky sized yet trying to walk normally down the street I am in danger of having my arms and shoulders torn off from people not looking were they are going and smashing into me! I often call them on it and cause quite a loud scene in public. These rat racers all rushing to go nowhere fast!
I like to use my elbows to take out some of the really rude assholes and like to think that the next person they encounter they may use slightly more manners and watch where they are going for fear of being beaten and stomped into the earth.
Also one must watch out for all the public carnivores hiding behind every bush, which in plain English means the hoods, criminals, gang members and homeless types all waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting to get their spare change or steal their wallets from unwatched back pockets!
Now the moral of my little story/rant here is :

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Well we did it. My man Kyle and I got partnered. Man this blog is now in danger of heating up and exploding ;-)))
Party on people....I love you Kyle xxx

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Phoenix FireStorm Preview Release

Phoenix FireStorm Preview Release Available for Down Load NOW !!"

Phoenix FireStorm was just released and is available for download . Here are the links: "This is a PREVIEW Release !!"
A direct quote from the Phoenix Blog states.
"Do understand! The Firestorm Preview build should be considered Pre Alpha! Not beta,, not Release Candidate.. it is pre alpha and as such it has a lot of bugs that still need to be worked out."

I have been testing this and although it looks and feels like the horrible Viewer 2 it is much easier to find everything and use once you simply learn the new buttons along the bottom of the screen. The regular Phoenix Viewer extras are not yet included remember because this is a preview Alpha version and not the finished viewer.

Windows :

Mac :

Linux :

"This is a PREVIEW Release !!"

A direct quote from the Phoenix Blog states.
"Do understand! The Firestorm Preview build should be considered Pre Alpha! Not beta,, not Release Candidate.. it is pre alpha and as such it has a lot of bugs that still need to be worked out."

12 Hours with Mr Beautiful

Oh my God I have just spent a perfect day with Kyle and I finally found someone who can keep up with me with the club hopping and party's.
We started out having coffee and breakfast on my beach before our limo arrived (with well stocked bar of coarse) to pick us up and take us to Aqua for Monday Muse with Dj Romeo Reardon. We danced, we felt up each others asses on the dance floor and had a great time.
Afterwards our limo drove us to THE SLOT CLUB in Folsom sim where we danced the evening away to DJ TREAT while we were surrounded by huge posters of men, men with men, men having sex with men and cocks! I pointed out to Kyle that he was oh so sure as fuck going to get my ass later that night! ;-)
We ended the club hop at CLUB BLU with DJ DEX and after flirting relentlessly and being teased unmercifully as Kyle took off his shirt, we found ourselves at my house at the end of the day where we spent the night getting waterlogged sitting in my bath tub drinking Jagermeifter and eating pizza naked until dawn when the sun came up and we passed out together on the bed!
What a day what a night and the best 12 hours on Second Life that I have had in months!!!!