Friday, April 29, 2011

Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know...

ZiGGY is back motherfuckers and by back I don't mean returned but I mean BACK BITCH!
I was innocently dancing at the fabulous Blow Buddies Club (which by the way is now my very favorite club) when this horny bastard called "me" spotted this fucking hottie named Jaxon...
Long story short we showered and got dressed but this man is a horny, sexy fucker supreme and can back up what his sexy avatar suggests!!!
Jaxon is hot but married so I went and fucked his husband just for the hell of it! ;-)
Spent the weekend cruising for cheap, lustful, casual sex when it dawned on me that this here blog of mine is just not done and ready for the scrap heap and that I still have a ton of rebellious, snotty sexual lust to tell and clubs to seek and destroy and that I need to continue and ride this bitch until it is truly over!
Snorting cocaine of the hairy hot asses of manatars or playing late night games of ring toss with a dozen glazed donuts and an erect man penis...there are many more tales to be told!
The Royal wedding was this morning and it made me gag so there was no sex today however I will admit in print that prince Harry, (the sexy ginger bastard son of that sexy James Hewitt and Diana the late-princess of Wales and moans)was looking awfully hot and I would give a pretty penny just to have a go at his pretty pennies for just 2 hours...
Kate can keep William...Ewwwwww
Anyways I am back with more debauchery, decadence, depravity and hijinks of the sexy variety and being single and free again after an experimental threesome relationship, I have a cock made of steel prims and scripts that could give viagra a run for it's money and my pose balls are tight and full and need some splodin' so man your battleships babies and prepare to fuck. Ziggy is back and Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank You xxxx....

Just want to say thank you to all the peeps who left me touching comments here as well as inworld on Second Life.
As a result of one individual on Second Life I made a promise that I will return to this blog in time and all I need to do is take a long break, fuck, drink, do drugs and get some new sexperiences so that when I go whole hog again I will once again blog about it!
So it looks like I will see you again one day peeps. Just gimme time...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ziggy Says Goodbye....The End Of My Blog!

Well my friends I think this is it, I am ending my blog here on!
I find myself slowly drifting away from Second Life and not having much to say anymore on the subject enough to make it worth continuing.
I firmly believe that Second Life is coming to its crescendo and I predict it will be changed drastically or gone completely within another year or two! The majority of the clubs have become ghost towns. Many old friends are gone offline or rarely on or moved off into other ventures and Second Life just does not seem fun anymore! This makes it hard for me to continue writing a "fun" blog!
I will continue to venture about on Second Life but not as frequently as well as my real life boyfriend Larz Kas and we also plan on cutting way down on our party and club attendance. It's just that the fun is gone and to be brutally honest: most of the clubs have been driving us nuts, sending millions of drop downs, TP offers and notices constantly and annoying the fuck out of us enough to make us want to stay away. Everybody begging and screaming for Lindens with outstretched hands. Hey peeps one notice per party is enough and if we want a TP we will ask for it.
I am really pissed at the fact that when Larz and myself go to the party's we used to tip regularly and help support the clubs and our friends but when Larz would host an event no one would show up or support him! Hell, many clubs lately nobody bothered to say hello to us as we arrived or goodbye or goodnight when we said good night! Again being my brutally honest self: THIS SUCKS"! No wonder you can no longer fill your clubs!
Now that I have gotten all this off my chest I can carry on and live my Second Life free and easy as I intended it to be.
I will continue posting on my old message board "Cyberia" at if you want to follow me but this blog is now for archives/reading purposes only!
Boy we did have some wild times didn't we and let's hope they can return someday!
Thank you to my friends and followers and encouragers and I will still be following and commenting on your other blogs!
Party on peeps....10 out of 10 Zig points babies and goodbye xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ziggy Gets High 2000 Miles In The Sky...

Ziggy does the decorating thing...
So i am now living in a skybox 2000 miles in the Linden sky and I needed decor!
For starters I got a beautiful man arched up backwards, completely naked as my coffee table but what the hell do I do about wall art?
I decided it would be fantastic if I mounted several glory holes above my mantel with different penis's sticking through them as my art instead of deer heads from a hunting trip on plaques!
Now carpeting was a blast because I sort of have a bearskin rug except its the skin of a big, beefy, hairy man as my bear which worked out fabulously...
I mounted my sex bed on chains hanging from the ceiling so if I am in the mood for heavy bondage I just attach the poor helpless, sexy bastards to the chains!
To celebrate I had a massive pot party and invited everyone online and needless to say the drugs were great, the sex was hot and the men were pigs!
We got so stoned we all ended up naked in a huge pile on my bed were we soon ran out of poseballs and thanx to sexy Torro Spyker and his nipples animations he gave me we ended up with just the right amount....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cyberia My Message Board

A Fun Forum For Fun People: More Ziggy Shit....!
If you sign up as a member, ask me about the "secret" room...lots of XXX video and pics for V.I.P. members only!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Turn and face the Strange....CCCCChanges!

Lots of changes happening for me this week. Larz and myself decided to move away from our expensive beach house and land and move into separate, city, sky boxes. Maybe I was waterlogged from all the salt water but speaking for myself I needed a change and was sick of paying a large amount of real life dollars for a piece of virtual land that i did not physically own!
I live in a nice huge, loft sky box with changeable scenery, rain or snow or sunshine and when I am sick of the sky line I can switch it. When I am sick of the sky box I can easily move to a new place and a new change of scenery.
Also now that I am single again and a free bitch baby, I am horny as fuck and looking to fuck like a jack hammer and a sky box is Uber private!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The World Needs to Wake up To The Fact That Aliens Exist...

I know I harp and moan on this subject alot but I am a firm believer in aliens and UFO's.
The video above and the link below are very strong examples and proof that something is going on!
The world, especially North Americans really need to wake up to the fact and open their minds and stop worrying about the silly things like money, shopping, celebrities and fashion which are all used to keep our minds stupified and that keep us all from thinking for ourselves! The media is designed to fill our minds with crap and noise so we don't get wise. However the media can also be the ones to turn this around and stop distracting us with shallow trivial bullshit and let our minds think deeper!
Any mention of anything like UFO's and aliens are now so embedded in our minds that it is crazy that it is scoffed at! This is designed to undermine the truth!
The government is going to announce very soon about the existence of aliens visiting our planet and people need to wake up and just think "What If"?????
The government and the big money people in this world are in one big club and they do not want you in it!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Myst Online: Uru Live Again

Myst Online: Uru Live Again

I found myself once again bored on Second Life! Dull party's, clubs lackluster and many regulars becoming snobby and cliquey so I found myself surfing the internet.
I remember my old buddies Vanyel Gazov, Vortmax Mumfuzz and Tymus Tenk used to tell me how they came from Second Life after n online game they were on called "Myst" had closed down etc. Vanyel used to share pics with me and I fell in love with the landscape and buildings there. I liked the aspects of puzzles, clues and exploring which was why I had originally fallen in love with Second Life for.
Anyways there I was naked and alone on the world wide web and there I found it on a google search: "Myst Online: Uru Live Again". It was back online as it was originally and it was for free so Zig Ziggy went and signed up (as Ziggy Starsmith) and downloaded the program and went plunging into the world of URU.
I spent 4 hours exploring for the clues and learning how it worked and found myself in a desert with a guy sitting by a trailer giving me clues.
I followed the clues, explored and made it to an underground area beneath a tree behind a locked door before I had to log off for real life and I had a great time!
No constant teleport offers or party drop downs or spamming group chats or crushing lag and elastic banding to annoying me and bombarding me! No sex! (GASP)
What I discovered was a pure world to explore much like when I first discovered the joys of Second Life as a newbie before all the drama and bullshit crept in.
As a result I think I may take some time off Second Life for a while and explore this new realm called Myst Online: Uru Live. I am still Ziggy Starsmith by name but a whole new world for me to explore and I know I have barely scratched the surface of this game so far but it looks promising!
And so for a while I am saying goodbye to Second Life and hello to Myst Online: Uru Live...
I am not leaving Second Life just taking a virtual vacation!
See you on the other side sexy babies xoxoxoxoxoxox
Love Ziggy!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Gagging On GLEE...

Is it just me or am I on my period this month but this TV show GLEE is everywhere!
Influencing commercials, movies, sexual preferences and penis size.
People breaking into song at the drop of the hat and it is making me have to serious restrain my vomit reflex. The bile builds up as I dash for a bucket within 5 seconds of watching this show!
I saw 2 different TV commercials directly copying the silly GLEE moments of corny, horrible cover versions of classic songs destroyed, raped and ransacked by tinny, thin voiced singers attempting to bastardize classic artists, songs and singers.
Don't get me wrong I loved musicals like "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "Little Shop Of Horrors" which were sort of meant to be comedic and corny and actually both movies come from a period in time when this format seemed to work but in this day and age on a TV show it is sickening and not funny. I am sorry but it makes us fags look pathetic and wimpy to our straight friends as the main gay character on the show looks and talks and acts like a prancing, little milk sop!
Yeah yeah yeah I hear some of you scream in disapproval, gays come in all shapes and sizes and tastes well the taste it it leaves me with is bile and since I am gay I can and will cut them to the ground!
"Well turn the channel or don't watch it" some of you may scoff, but this is the whole point!!! I do not watchit, have never watched an entire episode yet it is influencing other things I do watch and this makes it rape to me, forcing me at gunpoint to sing and dance like a prancing nancy on X mixed with G and followed up with a stiff snort of China White cocaine sending my mind off in a downward spiral of fake smiles, perfect combed, nerd hair and a smile on a pair of cock sucking lips that would make the twinkiest guys from Club BLU dive for a free toilet retching their guts out as their watering eyes are forced (i.e. the scene in A Clockwork Orange)to force everybody and everything to suddenly burst into
joyous, cheesy song....
And my moral of my ranting diatribe?

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ruthed Clouds...

Fixing Avatar Appearance Issues

Sometimes, when you log in, you will find yourself as a cloud, or ruthed. Or it may be that if you change clothes, they do not appear on you. This occurs as a result of a lack of communication between your computer and the SL severs.

A brief explanation. When you wear (non prim) clothing, the clothing textures are sent from SL server to your computer. There, the viewer layers the clothing textures onto your skin textures (a process known as baking) and then send the resultant textures back to the SL servers. The servers then send these textures to other avatars that might be in the region. If any one of these things don't work properly, the result is commonly called a bake fail; bake fails are what can leave your avatar looking like a cloud, or ruthed, or your clothing not visually changing when you change outfit.

NOTE: Bake fails occur on all SL viewers, not only Phoenix. In fact there are multiple SL JIRAs on this issue, like this one; this also documents cases where you seem fine but all other avatars remain grey.

In broad terms, bake fails occur when there is a communication problem. So solutions range from trying to force your avatar textures to bake again, to investigating and solving the cause of the communications issue.

NOTE: the RenderUnloadedAvatar debug setting is at best a band-aid solution; it will force your viewer to render an avatar using incomplete, possibly incorrect information, and works only for your viewer, not others. (Think about the name of the setting: render unloaded avatar. Meaning… draw the avatar even though it is not yet fully loaded by the viewer. So… it will be shown, partially, maybe nearly completely. Maybe not. Thus it is a “band aid” solution, not a fix.)

So in order to ensure that your avatar is really fixed please ensure that you have this disabled. Open the Advanced Menu (Ctrl-Alt-D if it not visible) and select Debug Settings. Type in RenderUnloadedAvatar and set to FALSE.

Here are steps that may help fix you. Please do these one at a time, in order, exactly as described, stopping as soon as one fixes you.
You Look Fine to Yourself, but Others See You Wearing Yesterday's Clothes

Right click your own avatar (skin, not worn prims) and select Textures. If all textures shown appear fine, then your avatar is perfect and the problem is not yours, but either the SIM or others around you. You can suggest that they change their active group.

If instead the Textures show some as missing or “broken”, then try these steps:
Change your active group
If that fails, Rebake (Ctrl-Alt-R) a few times
If that fails, go into Edit → Appearance (and try to edit anything and save the difference); exit Appearance.

If these all fail, then something is inhibiting your baked textures from being sent to the SL servers. The first thing to examine is your bandwidth; if it is too high for your connection then you may have issues; similarly, it might also be too low. Please see this page for details on determining the optimum bandwidth.

If this does not help, reset your router (if you use one) and/or your cable modem. If that doesn't help, some other program on your computer may be interfering with your viewer's connection to SL, like a firewall or anti-virus. Try disabling them, temporarily, to see if things improve. If they do, you have isolated the problem.
If your Avatar is Partly or Totally Transparent, or parts of your avatar are rendered black

Please ensure that your video card drivers are fully up to date.
If you have more than one monitor, and run Phoenix on any but the primary, try moving the Phoenix window to the primary monitor.
Go to Edit → Preferences → Graphics and tick “Custom” on the right hand side of the window. At the bottom of the window, disable “Hardware Skinning” and click “Ok”. You may have to relog for this change to kick in.
If these don't help or are not applicable, then read on…

You See Yourself as a Cloud, or Ruthed, or Are Unable to Edit Your Appearance

NOTE: If you have RLV enabled, please disable it and relog before attempting anything which entails wearing or removing clothing or attachments.

Change your active group.

Rebake (Ctrl-Alt-R) - a few times.

Go into Edit → Appearance (and try to edit anything and save the difference); exit Appearance. (If you cannot edit appearance, then continue with the steps below.)

Replace your hair base with a different one, if it lets you. If that works, you can then replace it with your usual one.

Check your bandwidth, as described above; you should also see whether resetting your modem and/or router clears the problem.

If you use Norton Anti Virus - or any of the Norton suite of utilities, try disabling them, then relogging. Norton has been known to inhibit textures from loading.

Make sure your inventory is fully loaded by manually clearing your cache. See here for instructions on how to do that.

Make a new temporary folder, and put into it a copy of your shape, skin, hair base, eyes. Then right click on the folder name and Replace Outfit (not Wear, that will not work).

Go to Advanced (Ctrl-Alt-D to activate) → Character → Character Tests → Test Male/Female
(this will turn you into a ruthed/noobie avi, and you'll have to rewear all your normal skin, clothes and attachments)
Rebake - and again - and again. If that works, replace your normal avatar in this order: Hair base, eyes, shape, skin, hair, shirt, pants, shoes, etc.

If this too fails, you will need to try the Craig or Katie avatars. For this, please join one of the Phoenix in-world support groups and request it. The groups are listed here; or you may contact one of support team directly.

Finally, if that too fails, download and install SL Viewer 2 (yes, that!). Log in on it, remove everything you can, wear the a hair base, eyes, skin, rebake. Logout, then log back in on Phoenix. If you're still having issues, toggle HTTP Get a few times, rebaking between each.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Deep Thoughts From A Pixel Face...

[18:41] Ziggy Starsmith: But all we are really is gay men alone in the dark playing dolls with hot male avatars on a computer lmao

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Vaan Artis 1st Rez Day PartA...

Party tonight and fun for all for Vaan Artis's very first Rez Day party at the Blue Love Lagoon sim.
DJ HOTBOY aka Hotboy Lockjaw played us the soundtrack and all the 41 plus sexy men that filled the sim gave us the eye candy!
I need to catch my breath for a second thinking of all the shirtless, sexy men I saw and as well the ever sexy Kharissa in attendance. Last time I saw that many hard, erect nips was in a bath house I used to frequent as a noob called Cite Gay...
Larz was there of coarse as well as a very sexy dude I met named AVACAR BLUESTAR who hypnotized me as his sweaty, exposed torso gyrated in my face as well as the teasing Grunt Popstar and his bulbous crotch thrusting and releasing to the rythem, directly in my face!
Sexy Regi Yifu was also in saucy form and Protactinium Thor also had his beautiful, hairy chest in my line of vision that left my pants soaked in leakage from simply watching him. God what a nice chest he has!
Awwww men! (I fall to my knees and pray)

Ziggy Loves Joan....

I have always been in love with Joan Jett and Cherie Currie from The RUNAWAYS and decided today I would pay tribute to such a sexy vixon since my April Fools sex change yesterday ;-)

I'm a blond bombshell and I wear it well
You're momma says your going straight to hell
I'm sweet sixteen and a rebel queen
I look real hot in my tight blue jeans

Dead end kids in the danger zone
All of you are drunk or stoned
Dead end kids you're not alone
You sleep in the street when you're not at home

Long hot summers make me wanna fight
The roar of the city lasts all night
You like drugs you like brew
You won't believe what I can do to you

Dead end kids in the danger zone
All of you are drunk or stoned
Dead end kids you're not alone
You sleep in the street when you're not at home

I got away clean with my fake ID
No more school or mommy for me
Stealing cars and breaking hearts
Pills and thrills and acting smart

Dead end kids in the danger zone
All of you are drunk or stoned
Dead end kids you're not alone
You sleep in the street when you're not at home

Friday, April 01, 2011

Ziggy Starsmith R.I.P.

It is with a rather sad news that I have decided to kill off yet another one of my avatar persona's and with the death of Ziggy Starsmith comes the rebirth of my newest avatar...a woman this time...known as Flame Radikal (my new pic above)
Ziggy Starsmith 2009-April Fools Day 2011
Flame Radikal April Fools Day 2011 -