Thursday, June 30, 2011

Until Death do us Party

Well my rabid blog peepers I finally finished moving yet again to my new SL home. This time I moved to a forest retreat away from the big city and to celebrate my marathon of redecorating, counting prims, rezzing and tweaking I needed to go out and party.
I club hopped to some new clubs I had never been to before and found a vast array of atmospheres at each one. One very friendly club was one called VIBEZ where I was treated like royalty without being just sweet talked into tipping or fucking...
It is also Pride weekend in my rl home town of Toronto but unfortunately I have to work all damn weekend at 12 hours a pop so I will be bloody exhausted.
See ya out on the tiles babies xxxx

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hot and Sexy Men of Second Life: Dune Zunimoor Classically Hot

I first met Dune Zunimoor while walking on a beach and when I saw him I almost fainted.
The man is beautiful as you will see by my photo shoot that Dune did with me. Believe me it was quite the pleasure!
Anything this man wears looks good on him and I thoroughly encourage him to become a Second Life Model because he has the looks, he is very humble and has no ego to speak of and dammit he is sexy as hell while still steaming with class. A total gentleman.
Anybody out there looking for a classy, sexy new model you have found the right man!
Enjoy the pics as I sure did and I am glad to call Dune one of my newest friends!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Love Affair With Firestorm Beta Viewer Is Over...I want a Divorce!

I been using and loving the new Phoenix Firestorm beta Viewer religiously since it came out but over the last week or so I have ran into issues that seemed to have evolved over time the more I used the viewer.
The first thing that started happening was my avatar started to stop fully rezzing even after hours as my clothes stayed blurry or my face. To others I appeared fine but to me it was headache-causing blurriness. I rebaked until my cookies burnt with no improvement.
Also many object would not rezz fully like chairs and plants in my home unless I walked up close to them.
The final straw came a few minutes ago when I realized that my music stream would not change when I teleported to other sims and clubs. I was at one club for 2 hours before I found out it was the music stream playing from my house. Missed the whole damn gig.
I tried going to the club and re-logging to get the proper stream but instead I got a music stream from somewhere else (God knows from where)and it began happening constantly over the last 2 days so I said "Fuck This" and went back on the trusted Phoenix Viewer.
In my opinion the Phoenix Firestorm Public Beta Viewer is not ready enough for full time usage and in fact for me worked worse than the alpha preview version.
Sooooo...I am sticking with Phoenix until Firestorm is ready for prime time.
I want a divorce from all viewer 2's until they get it all sorted and God help us all when the day comes that Viewer 1's and Phoenix no longer work!
With that being said I have had some great, hot adventures that I will include in my next blog post later tonight with some very hot pictures!!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Emperor's New Clothes...Ziggy Chapter 2

A few posts back I moaned on and on about doing a major cleanup job on my friends list and starting a Chapter 2 of my avatar known as Ziggy. After tweaking and fiddling and fine tuning all week I finally came up with a slightly, new look for Zig!
I decided Ziggy needed a slight change for his Chapter 2 of SL and lo and behold, Ziggy no longer smokes, does drugs or gets smashed. Ziggy has brown hair and shaved (finally)...Hope you like the Emperor's new clothes!! ;-)
Have a great weekend/week my sexies...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lifestyles Of The Bitchin' Famous: Part Three: Kharissa Indigo's - Lost Valley Ranch for Amaretto Breedable Horses

Well you hot, snorting stallions, this week Mr Larz Kas and I decided to go horseback riding and I don't mean pony fetish play but real Amaretto Horse riding at the famously, delicious Kharissa Indigo's "Lost Valley Ranch". The Lost Valley Ranch is a beautiful spread in a meadow surrounded by mountains and water in a beautiful setting.
Kharissa breeds many rare breedable Amaretto horses here for auction, show and as pets!
She has been collecting and breeding these Second Life horses since approximately October 2010 where she first introduced these animals to Larz and I and my first introduction to them was when I walked out on my beach, early morning with the sun blinding my eyes and I stepped in a huge pile of potent horse shit. I had not been aware that Larz had received a horse from Kharissa and it had been roaming around all night on our beach, in the night in the dark!
This Sunday, June 19th, 2011 at 2pm SLT she will be holding an auction for her horses and you can contact her inworld for more details and location.
In the meantime enjoy these pics of Kharissa's ranch of the Lifestyles Of The Bitchin' Famous!