Monday, November 28, 2011

Phoenix Firestorm Viewer Official Release! Out of Beta Yaaaaaaaaa

Finally the new, official release of the Phoenix Firestorm Viewer (with full mesh capabilities) is out and IT DOES NOT CRASH!!!!!
It even has a Phoenix viewer option to make it look and act almost like the original Phoenix Viewer.
A new feature I love is in the quick settings you can quickly and easily toggle name tag floaters on and off etc...
I have used it for 6 hours now and so far have not crashed...
Read more and download here:

Here is a great review of the new Firestorm Viewer:
and here:

Now if only Linden Labs would get their lagging and sim crashing shit together!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Opening Of Pure Sound a Fabulous Success

Well Pure Sound has relocated and it's first party was a major success!
Dj Shepherd pumped out the tunes and host Larz worked the crowd and the place was happening!!!
The new club location is on a beach setting with surrounding waterfalls, islands and a light house. My settings for the viewer were on low due to my ongoing SL problems so the pics may not show the scene at it's best but a nice view different than most club settings made a wonderful ambiance.
There will be regular party's at Pure Sound every Sunday from 2pm to 4pm SLT with Dj Shepherd and host Larz so please come by and enjoy.
Here are some pics to enjoy!

Party Party Party people...Dj Shep returns to DJing with Larz Kas:
2pm - 4pm

Here is the SURL

Friday, November 25, 2011

Phoenix Firestorm?

Rumor has it that the new finished version of the Phoenix Firestorm viewer is going to be released today????
We shall wait and see...

It is now released. My reviews later...


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What a great weekend....

Another great weekend has come and gone and so much of my new Second Life has come to pass.
First off, I moved into a new home with Shep on the beach and spent a 24 hour marathon decorating (which all gays love), landscaping and the occasional party. We moved into a large beach house together and had a great time making it all happen! Also, Shep's club PURE SOUND relocated to a new parcel of land and Shep had that on his agenda to move and set up. There will definitely be weekly parties happening at Pure Sound on Sundays with Shep DJing and Larz Kas hosting! I will post more details as they happen.
When all was said and done, Shep and I went...SHOPPING and it was hard to restrain my shopping addiction but I did manage to only buy a fabulous, brown, leather bomber jacket and some jeans.
My buddy Dextrum Boucher also surprised us with with his fantastic new "Sex Anywhere" Huds and I am turning red as we speak when I tell you we tried it out and it was sexcellent. 10 out of 10 Zig points for Dex's Pillow Biters-Sex Anywhere Hud. Lots of cuddles, message and um fun! ;-)
Being with Shep these past few weeks has really allowed me to become "me" on Second Life and to allow my real life persona to become my second life persona without the pretense and character portrayal of trying to be the outrageous rockstar of David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust".

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Pure Birthday Celebration

Sunday night was the crescendo of fun for me as we celebrated the real life birthday's of Larz Kas and my sexy, new husband Aeschylus Shepherd at Shep's club PURE SOUND...
Shep DJ'd for the first time after 5 months and came out of retirement with a bang!
The 3 hour party was packed with so many close friends that the IM boxes were on fire and the peeps in attendance lavished in the fun atmosphere, the sexy scenery and the pumping, hot tunes from DJ Shep. I know I am biased but the birthday boyz, Larz and Shep looked hotter than hell...and left me "tuned up" the whole time!
Rumor has it that this may become a regular, weekly party at Pure Sound with DJ Shep and host Larz! I will certainly not take no for an answer on this issue if I can help it! Pure Sound is a beautiful club, surrounded by the ocean and beach and the all glass walls allow beautiful scenic views!
I remember the first time I heard Shep DJ was at Club Blu about a year ago and had a crush on him from day one but various events kept us from ever seriously hooking up! The timing was right and at last we are together...
What a great party with my man Shep and my best friend Larz!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Today: Birthday Bash For Aeschylus Shepherd and Larz Kas: Your Invited

Your invited to a special birthday party bash today for Larz Kas and Aeschylus Shepherd at 3 pm SLT at PURE SOUND with DJ SHEPHERD.
Bring your buddies, everyone invited.


Plugged In...After Hours

Wow what a party!
Last night Shep and I attended the fabulous new after hours club called PLUGGED IN 2 with Dj Xade and host Kharissa Indigo with the electrifying theme of "electric blue"....
The atmosphere of the club was fun and wild and the colors and dance floor of the club was excellent! The club was packed and all the hotties in attendance were partying it up like it was December 2012 during the apocolypse. The club was brainstormed and designed by Kharissa and Xade and it is technically the replacement for the ill-fated Club Cirkuit which went belly up a few weeks back due to some sort of mishap!
This is going to defo be the club to attend every Saturday night for your naughty, after hours entertainment. The party's are held every Saturday night at 9pm SLT.
I danced with my man, Shep until we literally passed out on the floor and we just could not keep our hands off each other!
We made it home in one piece by limo (of coarse) and Shep surprised me with a ring! We passed out naked on the bed and slipped into total unconsciousness without the benefits of alcohol or drugs, which is pretty much a first for me lol. This goes to show you that Shep is my drug and I don't want no rehab no no!

BIRTHDAY PARTY NOTICE:  Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 3:00 pm SLT sharp
   Special Birthday Party Bash at Pure Sound with DJ Shepherd to celebrate the real life birthday party's of Aeschylus Shepherd and Larz Kas
I will post the Slurl here later or IM me, Larz, Kharissa or Shep inworld for the landmark!
Here is the SLURL: Everyone invited: