Sunday, February 13, 2011

Justin Bieber Makes Me Gag...

Baby Baby baby Ooooooh.....SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!
I am so glad I was born a big fat fag and not a little bubble gum chewing teeny bopper girl throwing my panties soaked in pee pee at Justin Bieber and his recycled Donny Osmond shit.
I hated Donny Osmond "Puppy Love" and I hate Bieber it makes me gag!
Millions of lesbians all over the world are dressing and acting like little Justin Bieber and I can see it now, armies and armies of Justin Biebers lesbians covered in panty necklaces were the young teenage girls soaked themselves and threw their nickers at his head like a giant game of prepubescent ring toss!
I'm sorry but I was never one of those girly fairies that are so stereotypically portrayed on TV and I am proud to shout from the tree tops of the my local, gay, cruising park...."I HATE GLEE-THE SHOW SUUUUCKSSSSS!"
I am a masculine gay man who likes masculine things, masculine men and masculine music lol
In a year from now all this GLEE and Justin Bieber fad will be gone and forgotten and some new pansies will be flitting across our TV screens and whining at us in high pitched puberty voices about love affairs gone wrong that they never really had in the first place!
Baby Baby Baby Ewwwwwwwwww

Phoenix Viewer Release

The latest version of the Phoenix Viewer is now released: Here is the blog post and downloads....

Phoenix Viewer Release!
Sun, 13 Feb 2011
Phoenix Viewer Release is out! There have been a lot of bug fixes and improvements on this version... It is definitely the version you want to be on!

Just a few of the many things we've fixed.
- Improved overall performance and stability!
- No more RLVa Assertion Failure errors!
- 42 group auto detection, no more tinkering with settings, it just works!
- Showcase TP links have been fixed to work properly now for Windows& Mac, Linux in our next release.
- Updated Webkit helping webpages load faster in the web browser, improved memory handling etc.
- The momentary viewer lockups experienced on 373, 725 and 818 should be a thing of the past.
- Texture jumping issues where textures load, then unload, load, then unload.. resolved!
- Updated Viewer tags are in this release. You'll be able to see all the viewers out there more accurately
- Built in IRC client has been fixed! No more ??? ??? names in IRC rooms.
- Huge improvement to 'De-render', which now permanently de-renders items until they are removed from the Asset Blacklist.
- Skin downloader fixes
- Improved installer, no more downloading additional files during the install process.
- So much more!

This is ONE of the last Phoenix viewer releases we'll be putting out, grab it while you can!

If you have any problems updating, please remember to contact our 24/7Support Team for help!

Windows SSE:

Windows SSE2:



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