Friday, April 29, 2011

Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know...

ZiGGY is back motherfuckers and by back I don't mean returned but I mean BACK BITCH!
I was innocently dancing at the fabulous Blow Buddies Club (which by the way is now my very favorite club) when this horny bastard called "me" spotted this fucking hottie named Jaxon...
Long story short we showered and got dressed but this man is a horny, sexy fucker supreme and can back up what his sexy avatar suggests!!!
Jaxon is hot but married so I went and fucked his husband just for the hell of it! ;-)
Spent the weekend cruising for cheap, lustful, casual sex when it dawned on me that this here blog of mine is just not done and ready for the scrap heap and that I still have a ton of rebellious, snotty sexual lust to tell and clubs to seek and destroy and that I need to continue and ride this bitch until it is truly over!
Snorting cocaine of the hairy hot asses of manatars or playing late night games of ring toss with a dozen glazed donuts and an erect man penis...there are many more tales to be told!
The Royal wedding was this morning and it made me gag so there was no sex today however I will admit in print that prince Harry, (the sexy ginger bastard son of that sexy James Hewitt and Diana the late-princess of Wales and moans)was looking awfully hot and I would give a pretty penny just to have a go at his pretty pennies for just 2 hours...
Kate can keep William...Ewwwwww
Anyways I am back with more debauchery, decadence, depravity and hijinks of the sexy variety and being single and free again after an experimental threesome relationship, I have a cock made of steel prims and scripts that could give viagra a run for it's money and my pose balls are tight and full and need some splodin' so man your battleships babies and prepare to fuck. Ziggy is back and Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know!