Friday, July 08, 2011

Ziggy Is Back Motherfuckers...

"Oh Ziggy, I guess your new conservative look is working for you!"
WTF, someone uttered this to me yesterday about my recent newer look with brown hair, shaved and cleaned up! I snapped!!!
I had lost my edge it seemed and so Ziggy is back to the bitch...yup the bitch is in heat again!
It's not Ziggy without your black hair, my friends screamed from the roof here we go again!!!!

Hot and Sexy Men of Second Life: Newcomer DAGGER THORR

While dancing at the Fabulous Tadd's Cabaret the other night I met and got to chatting with a new dude who was fairly new to Second Life but really caught my eye in the way he seemed to have himself well put together! Meet newcomer DAGGER THORR...
Dagger is single and sexy and says he is looking for that special man!
With pictures like this he may not be looking very long. Enjoy....